Prior to knowing anything about MANNA, I would have described myself as "having tried it all." I had tried almost every diet and exercise program that exists, however, nothing ever seemed to catch on or feel attainable for the long-haul! When I was introduced to MANNA I was hesitant because of my long history of trying and failing at developing consistent and realistic eating habits. However, something about MANNA felt different. It wasn't catered to a specific body-type outcome, personality, or level of determination. MANNA was presented as a place of healing. Internal healing from unhealthy mindsets and relationships with food, self, and inner critics along with external healing from judgments and insecurities. MANNA became a safe-haven to just be and relearn what relationship between food and man was meant to look like. MANNA is so much more than a means to lose weight or a few inches in our most vulnerable places! Skylar's approach to educating her clients first along with each step of the program is so vital to making this lifestyle change attainable and desired! I no longer care to limit foods because of what it will externally do to my body, but I care to know what I'm consuming based on what my body needs to thrive. MANNA has forever changed my understanding of how my body works and what role food plays in its functionality. I can confidently say I no longer fear food and give it more control than it deserves but I enjoy meals again and happily live in my boundaries!