Our Story

MANNA was created in 2020 by Skylar Worley. Skylar’s love of education and nutrition led her to provide a place for others to learn about fueling themselves in a sustainable way, while also walking alongside her clients and helping them dig deeper in order to understand the why behind habits and behaviors. 

As MANNA has begun to grow, Skylar has been building a team of like-minded women who are here to offer the same personalized support, but with their own unique perspectives. Meet our team members here.

With MANNA Health & Wellness there are no counting calories, food scales, or trendy buzzwords. MANNA isn’t just about weight loss - we focus on education, empowerment, and wellness of the whole person to help your body function at its best.

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MANNA's Story

"The weight loss has been a great byproduct of the program for me, but even better is how I feel about food."

- Libby