I went into Manna hoping to lose weight and gain better eating habits. I came out with both of those results, but more importantly, with an entirely new mindset about food! I used to stress-eat and attach a lot of guilt and shame to my eating. This cycle consumed me and made me feel so stuck that I thought things would never get better. MANNA gave me the tools I needed to stop associating numbers on a scale with failure and start viewing food as a way to glorify God by taking care of the body He's given me! I've moved away from viewing foods with extremism and have learned to be kind to myself, make healthy choices, and still enjoy foods that I like. MANNA has given me confidence in the kitchen and has freed me to enjoy foods in moderation because I know I don't have to live in extremes. I no longer feel fearful about stepping on the scale or trying on clothes because I know now that feeling good about myself doesn't equate to a number or size!